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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Holoexaleipsis, Holocaust, Holosphage and Holodomor

Nazi Holocaust in Context of Soviet Holosphage and Zionist Holoexaleipsis
by Joachim Martillo

A lot of the people attending the Iran Holocaust Conference were unsavory (and most of the attendees identified in the news reports have little or no qualifications as genuine historians+), but ignoring or slighting the importance of the presence of representatives from the Orthodox Jewish Neturei Karta movement is a mistake.

Before the government of the State of Israel found ways to enmesh and co-opt large numbers of religious Jews, anti-Zionist Jewish groups like Neturei Karta used to represent the mainstream in religious Jewish thinking. The few remaining religious anti-Zionist Jewish organizations and communities have maintained their integrity by rejecting all Israeli government subsidization. Like Ahmedinejad and some Holocaust studies specialists, they are concerned

  1. that the Holocaust of popular discourse is misused to justify Israeli oppression of Palestinians and
  2. that common media representations of the Holocaust rarely correspond to the facts.

Both Neturei Karta and Ahmedinejad have a point. Since the opening of Soviet and Eastern European archives to Western researchers, there has been a revolution in scholarly understanding of the beginnings and early history of the Soviet Union.

Soviet mass murder, genocide and ethnic cleansing becomes for all intents and purposes an assembly line phenomenon long before Hitler took power in Germany. The Holocaust and German Nazism itself are only comprehensible in terms of Central and Eastern European fear of the Soviet Union and awareness of Soviet atrocities. Careful analysis of Soviet archival data shows that the Central and Eastern European popular identification of ethnic Ashkenazim with the Soviet Union was quite rational, for Soviet ethnic Ashkenazim formed the quintessential Soviet class and generally filled the leading roles in planning and executing Soviet crimes like the Great Starvation (Holodomor) in the Ukraine, collectivization, dekulakization, the mass shootings by the secret police, ethnic cleansing, and genocide.*

Because the mentality of Soviet Ashkenazim and Zionist Ashkenazim is so similar in many regards, it is hardly surprising that alienization, which made entire Soviet ethnic groups aliens in their own lands, has strong similarities to the Zionist process of dispossessing, murdering, ethnic cleansing and genociding the native population of historic Palestine.

While the Eastern block data does in fact suggest that even the preeminent Holocaust scholar Raul Hilberg may have overestimated Jewish mortality in the Holocaust, the new information is more important because it indicates that much of the mass murder of Jews during WW2 was unjustified but very understandable reaction to or collective revenge on Jews for the part that a very large segment of the Eastern European and Russian Jewish population played in the commission of Soviet mass murder and atrocities. By the 1940s a lot of Eastern European and oppressed Soviet ethnic groups were more than willing to kill Jews without any incitement from the Germans, and they did, and this killing probably represents approximately half the number of Jewish casualties from mass murder during WW2.

We in America really do have to rethink and revise our understanding of the Holocaust, and if we need to identify an archetypal genocide to use as the measure of all other modern genocides, the Holoexaleipsis, which is the Great Erasure that includes the Palestinian Nakba or Catastrophe, provides the best model. It was planned in cold-blood by racist Eastern Europeans during the late 19th century, the first major mass murders and ethnic cleansing took place during 1947-8, and it continues to this day right before our eyes. The Holoexaleipsis includes wholesale demonization of Arabs and Muslims along with the erasure of whole fields of scholarship (including Jewish as well as Arabic and Islamic studies) so that they can be rewritten to justify Zionist and American depredations on the peoples of the Middle East.

+ St. Francis Xavier University Professor Shiraz Dossa was an exception. He presented a paper on the misuse of the Holocaust in the justification for the war on terror.

* The totality of these Soviet crimes constitute the Soviet Holosphage, which is mass slaughter in the effort to fit the populations of the Russian Empire into a Marxist ideological framework by the crudest Procrustean means.

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Anonymous said...

You are a revelation. We wish to follow you. [virtual bouquet of flowers]

Jamie T said...

Who did you have in mind when you said most of the attendees were unsavory? And what actually qualifies as unsavory? Anti-Zionist orthodox Jews are ok. Muslim professors who say the Holocaust was misused are ok.Just who or what is it that's not ok? David Duke? I think he attended. What about other revisionists who couldn't attend? David Irving? Fred Leuchter? Arthur Butz? Germar Rudolf? Carlo Mattogno? Ernst Zundel? Are they also unsavory?

Is it speculation and investigation into the actual conditions of the Holocaust that's not ok? What you seem to be saying, and please correct me if I'm misreading you, is that the sacred cow must stay in place. We just need a new point of view from which to view her.

If Hillberg, the most respectible of the liars, is overestimating with his 5.1 million, what happens to the mystical-arithmetical 6 Million? The Kabbalistic symbol would be weakened irreparably. Why not help destroy the hoax instead of just wrapping it in new packaging?

Your stance on the Holocaust seems very like the left's stance toward 9/11. They basically accept the establishment's version of events but quickly add, the Arabs had every reason to be mad at us. This kind of thinking is not going to win the day. It will not cut thru the political/emotional blockage most citizens suffer from. The Arabs have been used as patsies in a hoax and are now getting the crap kicked out of them for something they didn't do. Same thing with the WW2 Germans.There's much evidence to suggest the 6 Million never died in the gas chambers.Why can't this be discussed?

Jamie T

Joachim Martillo said...

I have a problem with apologists or propagandists that pretend to be historians. Many of the Holocaust Revisionists are simply trying to prove that Nazi Germany simply was not as evil as commonly depicted in the historiography of WW2.

I happen to agree, but coming to this conclusion soundly requires learning E. European languages and studying the existent records of the German war effort in E. Europe and the Soviet Union.

As for an example of an unsavory propagandist masquerading as an historian, Richard Pipes, who is Daniel Pipes's father, is practically the archetype, for he consistently and with full knowledge misrepresents the role of Jews in the Russian Revolution and in the consolidation of the Soviet Union.

Jamie T said...

While I do not discount the idea that knowledge of East European languages would be helpful in analyzing the Holocaust, I don't see the lack thereof as disqualifying. Insofar as you shift your critique from unsavory to unsophisticated, I appreciate the attempt at ameliorating the previous intemperate remarks. And yes, Pipes is a pip, a Zionist pip.

Jamie T

Anonymous said...

Hilberg's estimate of 5.1 million is generally understood as a lower-end estimate in light of modern scholarship. The opening of Byelorussian, Polish and Russian archives post-1991 has shed considerable light on the extent of the genocide in the former Soviet Union, chiefly in regards to the Einsatzgruppen actions. These are corroborated by official German documents sent to Himmler and Heydrich and by eyewitness accounts ranging from the Polish underground to East and West German trials in the '60s and '70s.

The conference in Iran was disgraceful to the ongoing academic dialog that is attempting to better understand one of the world's worst cataclysms. Modern estimates of dead in the Holocaust tend to range from 5.6 to 5.8 million, but the precise number will likely remain unknown. It is safe to say now, though, that lower figures such as those offered by Reitlinger and Hilberg in the two decades following the Shoah were probably not satisfactory, although their scholarship (overall) was instrumental and insightful.

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