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Friday, October 31, 2008

Almost an Anti-Semitic Parody

The Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) appears to have realized that they have spent a tremendous amount of money in a losing cause and are trying to recoup some of their losses by selling a really expensive Obama poster ($250) that calls Jewish American loyalties into question (and to my mind says something really positive about Obama).
[I should investigate how many important RJC members started in business by selling Nazi porn. See The Holocaust and "Getting Off" on Abusing Palestinians as well as The Most Important Hanukkah Gift: The Holocaust Survivor Cookbook!]
After all, should we really care whether Obama is right for Israel? He is running for President of the USA and not for Israeli Prime Minister. It is probably almost needless to say, but from practically any standpoint (realist, ideological or ethical) Israel is completely wrong for the USA, and the RJC claim is an excellent reason to vote for Obama.

I am almost inclined to buy the poster so that I can put it on my lawn next to a sign exhorting Americans to vote for Obama-Biden if I could somehow make it clear that "Wrong on Israel" reflects the opinion of extremist Zionist Republican Jews.

Kudos to Philip Weiss for publicizing this new RJC moneymaker!

Republicans Rip Off Obama Icon for Appeal to Jewish Dual Loyalty

Rjcposter McCain doesn't sell. Everyone's selling Obama. If you give $250 to the Republican Jewish Coalition, they will send you this poster, which they accurately call a "collector's item," 27-by-40. Obama sure is iconic, check out this search.

P.S. Question: Is Obama right on the U.S.?

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Palin: LA Times Tows Cows

Did she really say it?

Check out Palin blasts Obama for ties to Palestinian professor.

Here is the critical paragraph:
Palin accused the Times of being Obama’s “pet newspaper” and said the paper would win a Pulitzer Prize for “excelling in cow-towing.”
She probably meant kow-towing, but you never know. I may not be familiar enough with Alaskan customs. Maybe cow-towing is something a person does after cow tipping. Sphere: Related Content

INEAS Anniversary -- Arabic & INDIAN Numerals

INEAS: A Worthy Organization!

The essay below is quite interesting, for it explains an issue in numerical representation that has bothered me for a long time.

The current forms of Western Hindu-Arabic numbers look very much like aleph through teth of a form of Ibero-Berber Hebrew script commonly used in Islamic Spain. These letters were used in a Hebrew numerical representation, which was neither positional nor decimal but rather more like Roman numerals (and still used by Jews but with different letter-number shapes). In addition, the Hebrew number system had no zero.

It seems unlikely for the Ibero-Berber numeric representation to have evolved into modern Western Hindu-Arabic numerals. Yet, if the Ibero-Berber Hebrew numbers combined or merged with the number representation designed by Mohammad ebne Mūsā Khwārazmī (محمد بن موسی خوارزمی) and described below, the result would probably have exactly the shapes that we use today in the Christian/post-Christian West.

According to Al-Khwārizmī's Wikipedia entry:

His book On the Calculation with Hindu Numerals written about 825, was principally responsible for the diffusion of the Indian system of numeration in the Middle-East and then Europe. This book also translated into Latin in the twelfth century, as Algoritmi de numero Indorum.

Al-Khwārizmī's first Latin translator was an Ibero-Berber Jew, who probably created the current forms of Western numerals in his manuscript.

Wikipedia adds, "From the name of the author, rendered in Latin as algoritmi, originated the term algorithm," but fails to note that the modern English word algorithm develops from an earlier form algorism, which is the obvious derivative of Al-Khwārizmī.

Within the Islamic context, Al-Khwārazmī is an extremely multicultural figure if I permit myself an anachronistic usage.

He was born in Khwārazm, which was in the Persian Empire of his time period and which is now Khiva in Turkic Uzbekistan.

Al-Khwārazmī spent most of his scholarly career at Baghdad's House of Wisdom.

Wikipedia also notes:

Al-Khwārizmī wrote several other works including a treatise on the Hebrew calendar (Risāla fi istikhrāj taʾrīkh al-yahūd "Extraction of the Jewish Era"). It describes the 19-year intercalation cycle, the rules for determining on what day of the week the first day of the month Tishrī shall fall; calculates the interval between the Jewish era (creation of Adam) and the Seleucid era; and gives rules for determining the mean longitude of the sun and the moon using the Jewish calendar.

We celebrate our 14th anniversary
Invite you to join our membership
INEAS (1994-2008)
[please continue below in Arabic and English]

أصل الأرقام العربية
The Origin of Arabic Numerals

وجدت الأرقام الهندية عند العرب نتيجة الكتب الهندية في الفلك والرياضيات التي تُرجمت إلى اللغة العربية .. وقد أستخدم الخوارزمي الأرقام الهندية في أحد كتبه حتى انتشرت وذاع صيتها عند العرب ، وهي أفضل من حساب الأحرف الأبجدية التي كانوا يستخدمونها للتعبير عن الأرقام

The Indian numerals were used by Arabs due to the translation of Indian mathematics and astronomy books by Iraqi Moslems. Famous scientist, Al-Khawarizmi (who lived most of his life and died in Baghdad) used Indian numerals in one of his books until they became popularly used, which were better than the letters of alphabet used in calculation
الأرقام الهندية
The Indian Numerals
لكن الخوارزمي قام بتأليف أرقام أخرى تُعرف اليوم بإسم الأرقام العربية ، لكنها لم تحظ بإنتشار واسع .. وإنتشرت فيما بعد في الأندلس والمغرب العربي .. ومن هناك إنتشرت في أوربا وفي جميع أنحاء العالم

قام الخوارزمي بتصميم الأرقام العربية حسب أعداد الزوايا لكل رقم .. وهي تتمثل بالأشكال التالية

But then Al-Khawarizmi created a different system of numerals known today as Arabic numbers, which they didn't become as popular until later in Andalusian Spain and North Africa. From Andalusia, they spread to Europe and all over the world.

He designed the Arabic numerals according to the number of angles for each digit as follows:
الرقم واحد .. زاوية واحدة
One Angle for number one
الرقم إثنان .. زاويتان
Two Angles for number two
الرقم ثلاثة .. ثلاث زوايا
Three Angles ....
الرقم أربعة .. أربع زوايا
Four Angles ....
الرقم خمسة .. خمسة زوايا .. وهكذا إلى الرقم التاسع
Five angles,
and so on and so forth
وأخيرا .. الرقم صفر .. لا توجد أي زاوية
Finally ... Zero without angles.

ثم دخلت بعض التعديلات على هذه الأشكال .. حتى صارت بالأشكال المعروفة حاليا

Then few changes were made on the above numerals and finally took the modern shapes of 1 2 3 4 5 ...
This message has been brought to you by the:
Institute of Near Eastern & African Studies (INEAS)
P.O. Box
Cambridge, MA.
02142 USA
INEAS is an independent, educational, cultural and tax-exempt organization geared to educate and offer services to Africans and Asians and to educate the public on issues related to Africa and Asia.

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Should Khalidi Sue McCain?

Ex Parte Injunction Time?

Here's an email that I am thinking of sending to Columbia Professor Rashid Khalidi.

What do you think about the idea?

Hi Professor Khalidi,

Isn't the Neo-Nazi analogy just a wee bit beyond the pale of tolerability?

Might such insinuations make it difficult to publish articles and books in the future?

As far as I know, you are a private individual and not a public figure. You really do not have to tolerate this abuse.

Is it not time to seek an ex parte injunction to stop McCain and his campaign from making such comparisons?

If I were you, I would claim damages at about 10x whatever the McCain campaign has in the bank so that the funds could not be accessed until there was some sort of resolution -- like a public, abject, and humble apology.


Joachim Martillo Sphere: Related Content

Jacqui Smith: Excluding the Extremists

Real Danger: Jewish Hate-Mongers
by Joachim Martillo (

According to the BBC in Extremists face tougher UK entry:

[UK Home Secretary Jacqui] Smith said: "Through these tough new measures I will stop those who want to spread extremism, hatred and violent messages in our communities from coming to our country.

"Coming to the UK is a privilege and I refuse to extend that privilege to individuals who abuse our standards and values to undermine our way of life."

The changes will not require new legislation and are aimed at tackling "individuals who foster extremism or hate" - including radical Islamists, neo-Nazis and violent animal rights activists.

Are not David Horowitz (Islamofascism Week), Daniel Pipes, and all the people associated with the distribution of Obsession extremist hate-mongers?

Jeffrey Goldberg just made this accusation against Aish haTorah in The Jewish Extremists Behind Obsession. (See also Jeffrey Goldberg, Another Walt, Obsession.)

Shouldn't such people be banned from entering the UK (or the USA) to spread their extremist incitement? (The main culprits at Aish haTorah seem to be Canadian and Israeli.)

Today the world's most dangerous extremists and hate-mongers are practically all Jewish and a threat to the entire human population because so many have so much access to immense amounts of money or to high government officials especially in the UK and the USA.

Either the regulations apply the same to Muslims and Jews, or there is something seriously with the application of laws in the UK (and the USA).

USA and UK citizens need to address whether the USA and the UK are to be Rechtstaaten, where laws are enforced according to a regular, predictable and non-descriminatory system, or Judenstaaten, where Jews are privileged over non-Jews.

There is probably no more serious issue in our countries today.

To be more specific, if you were Muslim, you would have to conclude that Horowitz, Pipes, Steyn, Aish haTorah, etc. at the very least want to deprive you of civil rights, probably want you driven from the country, and certainly wouldn't mind a little genocide directed your way.

Molding Islamophobia according to the Pattern of Classic Anti-Semitism describes exactly what extremist Jewish hate-mongers are trying to do as they shield themselves from scrutiny by flinging scattershot charges of anti-Semitism. The quote from Mark Steyn at the end is particularly telling.

Yet, in truth this behavior is not the worst of Jewish extremist hate-mongering. Jewish Zionist Neocons acting as a Jewish special interest have manipulated the USA (and to a lesser extent) the UK into killing at least a million Arabs and Muslims and dislocating an order of magnitude more. (Why aren't Neocon ideas and goals an issue in the US presidential election?)

Identifying Jewish Zionist hate-mongering and extremism as perhaps the greatest threat to the world today is completely reasonable analysis.

Over at Mondoweiss Philip Weiss has been discussing Jewish exceptionalism and possibly missing Yuri Slezkine's main point in The Jewish Century, but the real issue is power as I discuss in Jewish Exceptionalism or Jewish Domination.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jewish Exceptionalism or Jewish Domination

Bacevich, and Spinoza, on the Error of Exceptionalism from Mondoweiss misses the key subject discussed in The Jewish Century.

Author Yuri Slezkine was addressing issues of domination more than issues of exceptionalism.

The tiny Soviet Ashkenazi elite stood in the same relation to the Communist Party (and the mass of Russian Jews) as the tiny Neocon Jewish Zionist Republican elite stands in relation to the Republican party (and the greater part of American Jewry).

Making either anomaly an issue of Jewish exceptionalism (or self-assuredness) instead of an issue of a power grab by a radical Jewish intelligentsia in Russia or by a Zionist intelligentsia backed by Zionist economic oligarchs in the USA turns the threat of tiny subversive cabals attempting to take control of the government into some sort of Jewish existential question.

Misdiagnosing the real situation then and now obscures the real danger to the state and to the world in both cases.

The subversives (Communist or Zionist Ashkenazi) have even worked to exacerbate the confusion because they can use it to cover themselves and their real goals by flinging accusations of anti-Semitism.

The Magnes Zionist: Kristol and the Shikse discusses some aspects of the real issue of power, perversion and corruption in addition to providing a long possibly relevant excerpt from The Jewish Century.

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Paris Hilton: Flattery or Mocking

I have no idea what Paris Hilton's liberation tee shirt is supposed to mean.

Is pro-Palestinian activism going mainstream, or is she just mocking the cause?

During the McCain Obama campaign Hilton has proven more politically aware than one might have expected. Sphere: Related Content

qunfuz: Terrorists Strike Syria

This article provides an Anglo-Syria view of yesterday's American attack on Syria:

"Syria opposed the 2003 invasion and occupation of Iraq. All the leaderships in the region claimed to be against the invasion, but all except Syria, Turkey and Iran actively aided it. If Syria was on anything like equal military terms with the invader it would have fought to defend its neighbour, just as Britain would defend France or Russia would defend South Ossettia. But Syria could do nothing more than make clear its abhorrence and refusal of an imperialist occupation of Iraq, however bad Iraq’s leader (an American client for years anyway) might be.

And Syria was of course right. Talking about yesterday’s raid, an American military official said, “We took things into our own hands.” Since Americans took things into their own hands in Iraq a million Iraqis have died, and the ancient social fabric of this country that gave the world writing has been ripped to bloody shreds."
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Jeffrey Goldberg, Another Walt, Obsession

Jewish History and The Clarion
by Joachim Martillo (

I have some reservations about
Jeffrey Goldberg's Atlantic piece attacking Obsession because it obscures the nature of Aish haTorah as a returnee organization embedded both in the heart of the Jewish community and also in the centers of Jewish wealth.

I discuss the nature of Aish haTorah in a number of relevant articles listed in this blog entry while Richard Silverstein has reported some important new info in What Do Aish HaTorah, Rabbi Irwin Katsof, Rick Davis, the Ukraine and John McCain Have in Common?.

Among other things, Aish haTorah is very close to some very big players in the subprime meltdown.

The use of the name "The Clarion Fund" for Aish's front organization reminded me of Abraham Walt's (Avrom Lyesin's) 1896 poem "Der Kremer" in which the poor Jewish shopkeeper reads the Polish Hebrew newpaper Hatzefirah (The Clarion), which focused on world politics.

Nahum Sokolov, who (re-)invented the name Tel-Aviv and who was president of the World Zionist Organization during the 30s, worked for or edited Hatzefirah from 1876 until it closed in 1932. Hatsefirah was unique for its popularity among Zionists, anti-Zionists and non-Zionists.

In his poem Walt wrote "Der kremerl lezt di HaTsefira / Un zet di politike klor." ('The little storekeeper reads 'The Clarion' and fully understands politics'). Walt was being ironic, but if the Aish founders of The Clarion Fund chose the name because of the reference, they probably missed the sarcasm. I discuss "Der Kremer" in Zionizing Jewish Culture and History.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Greg Mankiw's Blog: My Personal Work Incentives

In this article Greg Mankiw makes a questionable ceteris paribus argument to show that John McCain's tax plan provides more economic incentive for some upper income bracket taxpayers to earn more money than Barack Obama's plan does. A good high school debater can eat such logic for lunch.*

Other things simply are not equal in this case. If McCain is going to flush money down the toilet as Bush does, the dollar could well be worth a lot less after four years of a McCain administration.

Henry Kissinger long ago explained what McCain never learned, "The conventional army loses if it does not win. The guerrilla wins if he does not lose."

Paying off traditional tribal leaders not to fight may make tactics like the "Surge" look temporarily like a win, but in the end because the USA has defeated the insurgents, guerrillas or terrorists in neither Iraq nor Afghanistan, the USA has lost, and it is time to respond rationally to obviously diminishing returns.

If McCain has not figured the issue out yet, he is too stupid for the presidency and would certainly become a Bush-bot or worse.

Kissinger's observation also explains why the racist Zionist state is also doomed.

Instead of gifting the State of Israel with more money that the US economy desperately needs and that would swiftly pass from Israeli government coffers into the pockets of the transnational Jewish Zionist political economic oligarchs, an American president trying to save the US economy would work for an immediate clawback of $3 trillion from the the State of Israel, Jewish Zionist plutocrats, Israel advocates, and the organized Jewish community as the quickest and most just way to save the US and world economy.

Obviously, McCain is not that president.

BTW, Wikipedia states:
Mankiw's advocacy at the CEA [Council of Economic Advisors] of tax cuts even in the face of large deficits led some other economists, such as Paul Krugman and J. Bradford DeLong, to criticize him as in thrall to Bush administration policies.

* When I graduated from Pingry a few years after Michael Chertoff and a few years in advance of Greg Mankiw, my father told me just before I started at Harvard, "In your first week, you will wonder how you ever were admitted to Harvard, in your second week, you will wonder how you fellow students ever winded up there, and in your third, you will start wondering how the professors ever got hired." Greg's blog entry would have amused my father even though it makes me rather sad. Sphere: Related Content

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Magnes Zionist: Kristol and the Shikse

In this article Hebrew University professor Jeremiah Haber discusses the attraction the Sarah Palin exerts over Neocon leader William Kristol in terms of a sort of lust for the quintessential shikse in combination with a sort of Jewish conservative narodnik epiphany.

Haber is hypothesizing a sort of male Jewish desire that might be called shiksephilia or perhaps even shiksemania on the model of nymphomania. (See the note below for a discussion of shiksemania from the standpoint of ethnic Ashkenazi Bolshevism.)

While I have written about Palin and Neoconservatives in rather similar terms in Shabbesshikse Lies About Sudan Record and discussed the effort of Israel advocates to transform American patriotism into shabbesgoyism, Professor Haber identifies shiksephilia as an aspect of a sort of ethnic Ashkenazi psychological flaw that brought many Jews of Czarist Russia into the revolutionary terrorist movement Narodnaya Volya.

Harvard Professor Ruth Wisse used a similar accusation of shiksephilia to knock the eminent Yiddish scholar Khone Shmeruk for abandoning Israel to return to his native Poland.

Jerry Haber may be overpsychologizing. Kristol probably saw Sarah Palin as another Dan Quayle, whom Kristol served as chief of staff during the first Bush administration.

Maybe Sarah Palin is Dan Quayle 2.1 because she is far more charismatic as well as ignorantly manipulable.

Finding such ignorant, charismatic and manipulable non-Jews to front for Jewish special interests seems to be an old cultural habit that probably has served historically as one of the most effective ways for Jews to enrage non-Jews in Central and Eastern Europe.

In his book Militant Zionism in America: The Rise and Impact of the Jabotinsky Movement in the United States, 1926-1948, Rafael Medoff discusses the effort of Jabotinsky and his followers to link up with white racist Christian Evangelicals and use them as an ally or front for Zionists as early as the 1920s.

Note on Shiksemania

On pp. 199-203 of The Jewish Century, Slezkine writes:

No icon better expresses the essence of that age (Kultura 1 [or the Heroic Age of the Russian Revolution], in Vladimir Paperny's terminology ) than El Lissitzky's Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge. The "three-edged frankness of the bayonet" and the "sharp-angled face" of Feliks Dzerzhinsky were aimed at the "crusty gut of the earth's routine" and indeed everything dull, round, or predictably rectangular. According to one of the prophets of the revolutionary avant-garde, Vassily Kandinsky, the triangle was more "sharp-witted" than the square and less philis­tine than the circle. It was also much more Mercurian than Apol­lonian, and therefore-stylistically-much more Jewish than Russian. Jewishness was not the only way of representing the trian­gle' but it was one of the more familiar and aesthetically convinc­ing. Levinson's "red wedge of a beard," Mindlov's angular move­ments, Rozov's knifelike figure were all references to the traditional and pervasive iconography of Mercurianism. According to one of Ilya Ehrenburg's characters (a Chekist), Lenin might be a sphere; Bukharin was a straight line; but Trotsky, "the chess player and the chief of the steppe hordes, disciplined and lined up under the ban­ner of the twenty-one theses of some resolution-that one is a trian­gle." And according to Arosev's Terenty the Forgotten, "if I were a futurist artist, I would represent Trotsky as two downward -point­ing triangles: a small triangle-the face-on top of a large trian­gle-the body."153

One obvious reading of the wedge-over-circle imagery is violence ("beat the whites"); the other is sex (love). Eduard Bagritsky por­trayed both. His poem "February," written in 1933-34 and pub­lished posthumously, is about "a little Hebrew boy" who loves books about birds (the same birds, presumably, that adorned Galina Apollonovna's robe and inhabited Efim Nikitich Smolich's realm of "nature"):

Birds that appeared like weird letters,
Sabers and trumpets, spheres and diamonds.
The Archer must have been detained
Above the darkness of our dwelling,
Above the proverbial Jewish odor
Of goosefat, above the continuous droning
Of tedious prayers, above the beards
In family albums ...

As a young man, he falls in love with a girl with golden hair, a green dress, and "a nightingale quiver" in her eyes, "all of her as if flung wide open to the coolness of the sea, the sun, and the birds." Every day, as she walks home from school, he follows her "like a murderer, stumbling over benches and bumping into people and trees," thinking of her "as a fabulous bird who had fluttered off the pages of a picture book" and wondering how he, "born of a Hebrew and circumcised on the seventh [sic] day," has become a bird catcher. Finally, he gathers up his courage and runs toward her.
All those books I'd read in the evenings­
Hungry and sick, my shirt unbuttoned­
About birds from exotic places,
About people from distant planets,
About worlds where rich men play tennis,
Drink lemonade, and kiss languid women,­
All those things were moving before me,
Wearing a dress and swinging a satchel. ..
He runs beside her "like a beggar, bowing deferentially" and "mumbling some nonsense." She stops and tells him to leave her alone, pointing toward the intersection. And there,
Fat-bellied and greasy with perspiration,
Stands the policeman,
Squeezed into high boots,
Pumped up with vodka and stuffed full of bacon ....

Then comes the February Revolution, and he becomes a deputy commissar, a catcher of horse thieves and burglars, "an angel of death with a flashlight and a revolver, surrounded by four sailors from a battleship."
My Hebrew pride sang out as clearly,
As a tight string stretched out to its limit.
I would have given much for my forefather
In his long caftan, his hat with a fox tail
From under which, like a silvery spiral,
His earlock crawled out, and a thick cloud of dandruff
Floated over the square of his beard,
­For him to be able to spot his descendant
In this strapping fellow who loomed like a tower
Over the bristling guns and the headJights,
Over the truck.that had shattered midnight ....
One night, he is sent to arrest some gangsters, and there, in a suffocating brothel reeking of face powder, semen, and sweet li­queur, he finds her-"the one who had tormented me with her nightingale gaze." She is bare-shouldered and bare-legged, half asleep and smoking a cigarette. He asks her if she recognizes him, and offers her money.
Without opening her mouth, she whispered softly, "
Please have some pity! I don't need the money!"
Throwing her the money,
I barged into-
Without pulling off my high boots, or my holster,
Without taking off my regulation trench coat­
The abysmal softness of the blanket
Under which so many men had sighed,
Flung about, and throbbed, into the darkness
Of the swirling stream of fuzzy visions,
Sudden screams and unencumbered movements,
Blackness, and ferocious, blinding light ...
I am taking you because so timid
Have I always been, and to take vengeance
For the shame of my exiled forefathers
And the twitter of an unknown fledgling!
I am taking you to wreak my vengeance
On the world I could not get away from!
Welcome me into your barren vastness,
In which grass cannot take root and sprout,
And perhaps my night seed may succeed in
Fertilizing your forbidding desert.
There'll be rainfalls, southern winds will bluster,
Swans will make their calls of tender passion.154"
According to Stanislav Kuniaev, this is the rape of Russia cele­brated by "the poet of the openly Romantic ideal Zionism who does not distinguish between messianic ideas and pragmatic cruelty." [my emphasis] According to Maxim D. Shrayer, this is "a dream of creating har­mony between the Russian and Jewish currents in Jewish history, ... a dream, if you wish, of a harmonious synthesis, which would lead to the blurring of all boundaries, i.e., to the formation of a Russian-Jewish identity .... Sexual intercourse with his former Russian beloved is the modicum of the protagonist's revenge upon and liberation from the prerevolutionary world of legal Jewish in­equality and popular anti-Semitic prejudice." And according to the protagonist himself, this is 'his revenge on the world he "could not get away from"-the world of "goosefat," "tedious prayers," and "cloud[s] of dandruff." The Jewish Revolution within the Russian Revolution was waged against "the shame of exiled forefathers" and for the "Hebrew pride" singing like a string; against the Russia of fat cheeks and for the Russia of Galina Apollonovna. It was a violent attempt to conceive a world of Mercuri an Apollonians, a Russia that would encompass the world.155

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm Voting Republican

The video below is amusing but surprising for its lack of discussion of Neocons and the subprime meltdown. One speaker is an African American with a somewhat Islamic name, and he talks about minorities in prison, but a more acerbic statement would have addressed how much he likes being racially profiled because his first name is Kaleel. He could have added that he is voting Republican because the USA needs more Islamophobic incitement especially from the Republican Jewish Coalition in order to drive away all potential Persian Gulf investors, who might be able to provide liquidity to the American economy.

Kaleel could have added that he is voting Republican because he wants the US government to give billions of dollars to Israel as Americans are evicted from their homes because they cannot pay their mortgages because the Federal Reserve raised interest rates as the US economy went into recession to a large extent in response to the Jewish Zionist Neocon policy of wasting trillions of US dollars in incinerating Arab and Muslim countries in order to make the world safe for the State of Israel.

Unfortunately, irrational and racist devotion to pro-Israel foreign policy does not really distinguish Republicans from Democrats because "both [parties] love Israel" as Palin has pointed out.

I'm Voting Republican is a satirical look at the likely outcome of another four years of Republican government. The not-so-subtle message behind the film is the importance of a united bloc of citizens willing to take the time and effort to vote Democrat in order to improve America's domestic and foreign policy.
© 2008 YouTube, LLC
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Lehman failure dogs Evergreen Solar - The Boston Globe

This Boston Globe article about the reverberations of the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers mostly connects to the primary topic of this blog because of the role Jewish Zionist Neoconservatives played in hyping the coming boom from the privatization of Iraqi assets with the indirect effect of giving too many people in the finance industry the opportunity to convince themselves that subprime mortgage based CDOs had the potential returns of junk bonds with none of the risks.

The last name of Evergreen Solar's CFO is el-Hillow, which is a fairly common Boston Lebanese name.

While oil prices were in the $140/barrel range, Evergreen Solar's future looked bright, but nowadays this article serves as a warning of the pitfalls of raising money via a combination of lending stock for short selling and of issuing convertible bonds.

The article is quite clear and can serve as a starting point for understanding the current turmoil in the US finance industry.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Who Takes This Stuff Seriously?

Neocon Stooges: Reform Party of Syria

Below is an email I received from the Reform Party of Syria. I have put in red all text that I believe to have been (sloppily) cut and paste from Neocon and or from extremist Zionist talking points and press releases.

Reform Party of Syria
Freedom - Democracy - Peace

Mideast and South Asian Americans For McCain


For Immediate Release

Washington DC, October 21, 2008

We, American activists for freedom from Middle East descent declare on this day that we commit to support the election of Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin as President and Vice President of the United States of America. In this statement we are calling on our relatives and friends in our communities to vote for McCain-Palin as an expression of our vote against all forms of Jihadism in America.

As Arab-American Reformers from Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Libya, the Emirates, Qatar, Yemen, Arabia, Algeria, Morocco, the Sahel countries, Somalia, Eritrea, Sudan, Palestine, Tunisia, Jordan, Oman and other countries, we reject Senator Obama's policy of cozying up to the dictators and cutting deals with the Jihadists. We support Senator McCain's backing to the reform minded Arabs in their quest to spread democracy.

As Lebanese-Americans, the single largest American ethnic community from the Middle Eastern descent, we refuse Senator Obama's policy of cutting deals with the Assad regime in Syria and reject his plans to recognize Hezbollah's domination of our mother country Lebanon. We support Senator McCain's commitment to free Lebanon from Iranian control and to disarm Hezbollah.

As Iranian-Americans we oppose Senator Obama's reckless suggestion to sit down with the murderous regime of the Ayatollahs in Iran and cut deals against the interests of the Iranian people. We reject this irresponsible and inhumane attitude regarding the youth and women in Iran and strongly support Senator McCain's backing to democracy in Iran.

As Muslim-American Reformers from Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Afghanistan and central Asia we do not agree with Senator Obama's policies of accommodation with the Taliban and other radical Islamists in our mother countries. We support Senator McCain's platform which sides with the moderate and reformist Muslims around the world.

As Syrian-Americans, we reject Senator Obama's policy of partnership with Dictator Bashar Assad, whose regime has been persecuting our communities in the mother land and we support Senator McCain's backing of democratic reforms in Syria.

As US citizens from Assyrian-Chaldean and other Syriac-speaking ancestry we oppose Senator Obama's pressure to pull out US and Coalition forces from Iraq before our minority communities in Iraq are secured under international protection. The killing of Christians in Iraq should be stopped. We support Senator McCain's call for victory in Iraq against the Jihadists of al Qaeda and the Iranian-backed terrorists.

As Coptic-American citizens, we reject Senator Obama's projected partnership with the Muslim Brotherhoods, the persecutors of our mother community and we support Senator McCain's defense of Coptic Christian rights in Egypt.

As Iranian-Americans we oppose Senator Obama's reckless suggestion to sit down with the murderer regime of the Ayatollahs in Iran and cut deals against the interests of the Iranian people. We reject this irresponsible and inhumane attitude regarding the youth and women in Iran and strongly support Senator McCain's backing to democracy in Iran.

As African-Americans from Southern Sudanese and Darfur ancestry we resent Senator Obama's unwillingness to save our brothers and sisters in our mother country from Genocide. Senator Obama should know better than any other American politician that Africans in Sudan are being massacred by a regime he plans on cutting deals with. We support Senator McCain's unwavering support for Darfur and Southern Sudan against the Terrorist regime in Khartoum.]

As US citizens from Berber ancestry we do not agree with Senator Obama's policies of accommodation with lobbies representing regimes oppressing our North African identity. We support Senator McCain's platform of spreading Democracy in the region.

As Hindu-Americans we disagree with Senator Obama's partnership with the Islamists who are terrorizing our mother country India and we support Senator McCain's campaign to counter the Jihadi Terrorists.

We, representing the aspirations of millions of Americans, call on our relatives, friends and members of our communities to deliver their vote to Senator McCain so that the next White House would not be directing US resources against democracy in our mother countries but against the Terrorists.

We call on our communities to support Senator McCain so that the radicals among us would not seize American Foreign Policy towards our mother countries and grow their Terror ideologies inside America.

We call on you to deliver millions of your votes to Senator McCain in every state and county you're residing in, and particularly in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida and Missouri.

Your votes are the contribution to America and the best help you can provide to your brothers and sisters suffering in your mother countries. So deliver them to John McCain and Sarah Palin and vote against Jihad in America.

For more information, please contact:

Farid Ghadry, Syrian-American, Spokesman for the American Arab Muslim Community

Tel: 301-346-5000

John Hajjar, Lebanese-American, Spokesman for the American Lebanese Christian Community

Tel: 617) 216 5445

Middle East and South Asian Americans for McCain

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Greg Mankiw's Blog: The Changing Meaning of "Subprime"

In discussing the Jewish Zionist input into the subprime meltdown, keeping track of the changing meaning of subprime is helpful. Harvard economics professor Greg Mankiw, who is fellow graduate of The Pingry School, makes the following point at his blog.

Simon Winchester reports:

when first applied to financial matters in 1976, “subprime” meant a loan offered below the prime rate and typically was offered only to the most desirable borrowers.

In was not until 1993 that it took on a much less enticing guise, with Business Wire referring to a company that “buys subprime loans made ... to creditworthy buyers unable to qualify for loans from banks.”

And an O.E.D. editor was moved to write a new definition: “Of or designating a loan, typically having relatively unfavorable terms, made to a borrower who does not qualify for other loans because of a poor credit history.”

A lot of racist right-wing commentators are trying to blame the financial mess on low-income African American and Hispanic borrowers, but I used subprime adjustable rate mortgages several times in the 90s when my income was around half a million and I knew
  • that I would pay the loan off before the interest went up or
  • that I would be able to lock the loan into a good fixed rate within a year or too.
There are lots of subprime foreclosures in upscale white neighborhoods where the borrowers did not follow my example. Subprime mortgages did not cause the financial meltdown per se. The problem lies in the manner in which they were turned into tradable securities.

In all cases subprime loans are made when the combination of borrower desirability or the expected asset value appreciation would justify a lower interest rate because of (theoretically) significantly decreased risk to the lender.

Unfortunately for the USA and the world, too many finance professionals believed or wanted to believe the Neocon and Neoliberal Zionists when they hyped the economic boom
  • that would result from privatizing Iraqi state assets and
  • that was supposed to keep housing prices on a steady increase.
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Best and Brightest 2008

Who Could Obama Appoint?
by Joachim Martillo (
Will every single presidential appointee have to face a Zionist litmus test? Even the abortion issue typically only places a block on judicial, some justice, and certain social sector appointments.

Here are some past or potential candidates:

I fact-checked the Mondoweiss article.
I found that then Harvard President Larry Summers told Dean Joseph Nye of the Kennedy School of Government "that it was a shame [Walt] could probably never work in Washington, as he thought [Walt would] be very effective there." Nye reported Summers remarks to Walt. Summers probably disagreed with some of the substance of the Israel Lobby article, but he considered the article to be genuine scholarship even if he thought publishing it in the London Review of Books might have been a mistake. Summers appears to have advised the KSG to treat the Israel Lobby article in no way different from any other scholarly work from a Harvard faculty member. The KSG did not follow Summers' advice in its entirety. On the whole Walt and Summers continue to have a reasonably good relationship.
I have long disagreed with Summers' recommendations in the realm of economics and finance even if his analysis is often sound, and I am not happy that Obama has met with Volcker, Rubin, and Summers to discuss the financial meltdown because these three belong more to the problem set than to the solution set, but Summers could redeem himself by recommending Walt as a national security adviser.
The Zionists would howl, but by Jan. 20 we are likely to see a crisis in the retail sector and possibly an even worse financial disaster with corporations that were recently involved in leveraged buyouts. A growing world economic crisis as a matter of national security could drown out the voice of American Zionists acting on behalf of Jewish special interest.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Clarion Fund: Anti-Muslim DVD to All U.S. Clergy, Lay Leaders on Behalf of Evangelicals Who Reject Prohibition Against Endorsing Candidates

Richard Silverstein's article speaks for itself.

Just when you catch your breath and think the Clarion Fund can’t do any more to promote anti-Muslim, anti-Obama hate during the election season, they surprise you by coming up with an even more outrageous act of incitement. Marketwatch reveals that Clarion is funding a mailing of the Islamophobic film, Obsession and other anti-Muslim material by a right-wing evangelical publication, the Judeo-Christian View, to 325,000 rabbis and ministers and 10-million congregational leaders and laity. This means that virtually every church and synagogue in the U.S., including their presidents and boards of directors will be inundated by this propaganda.

Marketing experts have already estimated a previous mailing of 28 million DVDs to swing state voters cost anywhere from $15-million to $50-million. The new mailing might easily run to $5-to $10-million. Unfortunately, Clarion is flying under the radar as a non-profit which doesn’t have to reveal its donors. It also refuses to reveal its funding sources despite repeated questions from various reporters.

The rest of the blog entry is very much worth reading.

My wife and I have been wondering why the production values (i.e., quality) of Obsession are so low when the people involved in its production and distribution have so much money to fling around.

Obviously, the less spent on the video, the more the Clarion/Aish staff can skim off for themselves, but I wonder if the effort at demonizing Muslims might be meant at least in part to distract from the Jewish Zionist aspect of subprime meltdown and the role that organizations like Aish might have played in it.

Low-budget rock throwing is probably a more cost-effective way to shift attention than putting together a more serious-appearing documentary would be.

As Aish rabbis were shuttling back and forth from one major Wall Street finance institution to another, were they passing insider info?

The fees that Aish received for these special private classes according to the NY Times were more in the range that couriers of illicit material or information expect than that talmudic scholars receive for private tutoring.

(Obviously more research is needed to determine who is funding and calling the shots at Aish.)

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