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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Holocaust Guilt-Tripping from MTV

The subtext of the following two video-shorts from MTV is Zionist.

They train the Western non-Jewish viewer that he must identify primarily with the alleged Jewish victims of the Holocaust to the exclusion of any other identification that might decrease sympathy with Jews anywhere in the world or - to be more specific - with Israeli Zionists.

The clips are impressively ahistorical.

The Holocaust could have happened to people of other ethnic groups if outrageously disproportionate numbers of people belonging to such ethnic groups were
  • engaging in massive worldwide financial fraud and white slaving as well as
  • committing targeted assassinations, sabotage, terrorism, mass murder, ethnic cleansing and genocide on epic scale
throughout the Czarist and Soviet empires or in historic Palestine while they were simultaneously
  • subverting or
  • spying on
governments throughout Central Europe, Western Europe and the Americas.

In reality the false narratization of the Holocaust corresponds almost exactly to the Jewish-Zionist-incited treatment of Arab and Muslim immigrants to the West over the last decade.

The videoclips also recall Pastor Niemöller's superficial and decontextualized sound-bite analysis of German Nazi policy.

The idea that the Holocaust happened to people just like us was an implicit theme of The Holocaust series in which Meryl Streep starred. This trite Hollywood TV production had such a large impact on German pop culture that it tremendously affected German domestic and international politics.

Without such constant ongoing Jewish Zionist propagandization, decent human beings would certainly sympathize entirely with the native population of Palestine and with those non-Jews, whom Jews have historically abused and exploited since the beginning of the Middle Ages.

The entire human race should scorn racist murderous genocidal Jewish Zionists, who have no problems with support, participation, or benefit from the conquest, the ethnic cleansing, and the plundering of Palestine.

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