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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Conspiracy Against Rights in NYC

Jews Disenfranchising Muslim and Arab American Citizens
by Joachim Martillo (

Suppose circa 1953 that a liberal school board by Baltimore standards appointed a Jewish superintendent to improve and modernize the school system.

  • that after the 1954 ruling in the Brown vs Board of Education Supreme Court Case, some Baltimore racists decide that the "Jew superintendent" does not support white Christian values,
  • that the leading segregationists put together a group called "Stop-the-Talmud Community Coalition," and
  • that this "community organization" claims that the superintendent is "Jewifying" the Baltimore school system because Jews hate all goyim (non-Jews) equally and have a plan to mix the races to encourage miscegenation so that a cabal of "smart" Jews will be able to dominate the "niggerized" United States of America according to the principles of halakhah derived from the Talmud. (Halakhah is Jewish Law or Jewish Sharia, so to speak.)
Suppose that during a press conference the superintendent defines "civil disobedience" as a technique according to which dissenters take a civil stand against injustice even though though they may be arrested.

At this point, "Stop-the-Talmud" goes into high gear with the connivance of the local, press, radio, and TV to denounce the superintendent for supporting lawlessness and disrespecting the basic legal principles of American society.

  • that the Baltimore mayor confers with the local city council,
  • that together the mayor and the councilors inform the superintendent that resignation is the only way for him to preserve any of his school system reforms, and
  • that after a meeting in which they browbeat him, he resigns.
Wouldn't the case have been practically the only topic discussed in US intellectual circles?

Wouldn't the case have become a cause célèbre covered on the front pages of the NY Times, LA Times and Washington Post.

Wouldn't columnists have compared the superintendent to Dreyfus?

Wouldn't a writer like John Howard Griffin have penned an essay entitled "J'accuse aujord'hui!" to condemn any surrender to segregationist intimidation by remaining silent?

Yet today national media coverage and discussion has been meager from the start when an organization of Jewish anti-Arab anti-Muslim racists in New York City created a well-funded organization called "Stop-the-Madrassa" to undertake systematic defamation both of the Khalil Gibran International Academy, which is a charter school focused on Arabic language and culture, and also of the observant Muslim American principal Debbie Almontaser, who has regularly taken part in NYC interfaith outreach activities.

When asked about the term intifada, Almontaser explained the meaning of the Arabic word but failed to swear loyalty to the State of Israel and to condemn Palestinians for struggling against Zionist oppression, which is often worse than anything that took place in Apartheid South Africa or in the Jim Crow South according to both South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu and also former US President Jimmy Carter.

(Supporting Zionism and the State of Israel is not a requirement for US citizens no matter how much Israel-firsters attempt to operate as if it is.)

Jewish-dominated media companies like the NY Sun, Post, and Daily News then colluded with the "Stop-the-Madrassa" campaign to incite hysteria. Eventually, Jewish NYC mayor Bloomberg and Jewish Chancellor of NYC Schools Klein gave the principal the option of resigning for the sake of her school. In response to the intense pressure, to which she have been subjected, she complied.

When supporters, including many Jews, who took part in Interfaith activities, encouraged her to press a lawsuit to reclaim her job, the Jewish judge Sidney Stein "ruled that Almontaser's free-speech rights could not have been violated since she was speaking as a school employee - not a private citizen - when she gave the interview."

Let's ignore the judge's decision that Almontaser could be fired simply for defining or translating a word. Isn't there something just a wee bit wrong with this picture?

Isn't the Almontaser case just another case of a conspiracy by Jewish racists to deny Muslim and Arab Americans their rights as Americans to free expression, to work and to take part fully in American society and politics?

A network of Jewish groups and individuals are working throughout the country to disenfranchise Arab and Muslim Americans from Boston (the Roxbury Mosque Conflict) to LA (the LA Eight), in Texas (the HLF shutdown and trial), and in Florida (the persecution of Sami el-Arian) as well as to drive them both from politics (attacks on Ken Ellison for his practice of Islam) and also from academia (efforts to prevent Arab and Muslim American scholars like Rashid Khalidi, Hamid Dabashi, Joseph Massad, Nadia Abu el Haj, and Wadie Said from having a voice at US universities).

The treatment of Almontaser is a violation of US federal criminal code Title 18 Section 241 "Conspiracy against rights (18 USC 241). Patriotic Jewish and non-Jewish Americans, who support the Constitution and whose primary national and political loyalties lie with the USA and not with some foreign country, must take a stand against Jewish and Zionist extremists that for the sake of the State of Israel or Jewish tribalism are trying to steal the country from us. Otherwise, we will wake up to find that we are no longer living in a democratic America based on US Constitutional principles.

Ex-principal of Arabic Khalil Gibran school loses round in court

Thursday, December 6th 2007, 4:00 AM

Debbie Almontaser, the short-lived head of the new Khalil Gibran International Academy, wanted the judge to delay the selection and order someone other than Schools Chancellor Joel Klein to oversee the process.

Almontaser, who was forced to resign after a published report tried to link her to a militant Islamic group, re-applied for the job in October, but was not among the four finalists.

In August, a story in the New York Post suggested Almontaser sided with a Muslim girls' group distributing T-shirts that read "Intifada NYC."

In tearful testimony this week, Almontaser said she was trying to make a teaching point about the meaning of intifadeh when she explained to the reporter that its root translation was "shaking off oppression."

"She didn't talk about T-shirts," said Almontaser's lawyer, Alan Levine.

"She was asked the definition of intifadeh."

Almontaser's lawyers will ask a federal appeals court to overturn Judge Sidney Stein's decision.

The city said it will not resume the selection process until at least tomorrow, to give the appeals court time to hear the matter.

Stein ruled that Almontaser's free-speech rights could not have been violated since she was speaking as a school employee - not a private citizen - when she gave the interview.

He also said she should have realized that her comments would be widely reported because there was a great deal of media interest in the school controversy.

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