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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Israel Lobby and American Society

Complete Judonia Rising OnLine

The Israel Lobby is neither just another lobby nor is it merely the expression of the power of the State of Israel in the USA.

The Israel Lobby is the public face of the Zionist Virtual Colonial Motherland (or Judonia).

Scholars and analysts have missed the true nature of the Israel Lobby because understanding it requires a skill set combining background in Jewish studies, political science, ethnology, economics, and government as well as reading knowledge of a plethora of languages.

Unless they are neutralized, Israel lobbying groups, Israel advocates, Zionists, Neoconservatives, and Friedmanites will steal America and effectively abolish the Constitution in all but name to create a society of servitude for all Americans except for those belonging to the hyper-wealthy transnational Zionist political elite.

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  • It gives the only explanation for the current US economic and political situation, which is so grave that Judonia Rising needs to be put into publishable form as soon as possible.

    I need to do a lot of archival research, forensic statistics, and also some original work in economics so that I can put the concept of a Gross Domestic Product for Judonia onto a firm basis in economic theory.
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