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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Boston (Stoughton) Jews Gone Wilders

Boston-Area Synagogue Sponsors Islamophobic Incitement
by Joachim Martillo (

Followup: Boston-Area Day of Vomit

Stoughton, MA -- Dutch politician Geert Wilders spoke at the Ahavath Torah Conservative Synagogue on February 25th. The event was part of the US leg of his international tour, which began on February 12th with his attempt to enter the UK to show his film entitled Fitna before the House of Lords. On February 19th he gave a speech in Rome. Wilders blog reports that he appeared at the Four Seasons Hotel in New City on Monday, Feb. 23 as well as twice on Fox.

Newsweek has covered Wilders' US visit:
Geert Wilders—who has publicly compared the Koran to "Mein Kampf"—is scheduled to make public appearances in Washington next week, including a Feb. 27 press conference at the National Press Club. Wilders is seeking to promote his movie "Fitna," an incendiary short documentary film that depicts Islam as a religion of terrorists.
The 71% support among American Jews for the recent IDF rampage in Gaza indicates that Wilders message is very much in synchronization with the solid middle class Jewish congregation that belongs to Ahavath Torah.

Wilders audience was probably 150-200 strong. Hill Stavis of the David Project was videorecording while Charles Jacobs formerly of the David Project was in attendance and may even have been present in some sort of organizational role.

The members of the audience looked approximately 50 years or older, and some were wearing buttoms from the ADL No Place for Hate campaign. Just before entering the auditorium, attendees could pick up a copy of Bret Stephens' WSJ article entitled Geert Wilders Is a Test for Western Civilization as well as a form to contribute to Geert Wilders Legal Defense Fund of the Legal Project, which is an activity of the Middle East Forum, whose director is Daniel Pipes. (See Saudia in the Gun Sights and Followup: Subjugating American Muslims to Israel.)

Wilders' lecture was not particularly coherent, logically structured, or even well-ordered, but to be fair, he has been traveling a lot over the past few days, looked tired, was probably suffering jet-lag, and does not use notes.

Wilders argument seems to be the following.
  1. Muslims are attacking freedom of expression.
  2. Muslims are introducing voluntary Sharia (Islamic Law) courts.
  3. European political leaders are becoming dhimmis.
  4. Muslims are transforming Europe into Eurabia.
  5. Europeans and Americans must fight against Islam as the Americans fought against German Nazism during WW2.
  6. Israel is the front line of the battle against aggressive Islamic expansionism.
  7. For the sake or preserving their heritage, Europeans and Americans must support and defend Israel.
Wilders claims that freedom of speech is no longer a given in Europe. He says, "If you warn against Islamicization, you are sent to jail," and he himself has been indicted in the Netherlands for inciting racial and religious hatred.

He told the audience that when he arrived in London on the 12th, he was whisked away by immigration officers and put on a plane back to the Netherlands because he would "threaten racial harmony." Wilders called UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown the biggest coward and dhimmi in Europe today.

Although Wilders asserts over and over that he is trying to rally support against European anti-hate-speech laws and for the establishment US-style First Ammendment rights in Europe, at no point in Stoughton or elsewhere has he addressed Europe's laws that have criminalized Holocaust revisionism.

Because Wilders packs a tremendous number of innuendos and lies against or about Muslims into extremely short sound bytes, his opposition to restrictions on public expression fits into the sort of situational ethical framework that provides unlimited freedom to Jewish racists and their friends to scare-monger against Muslims but rejects any effort by Muslim and other Americans to scrutinize Jewish Zionist behavior.

In addition to praising the First Amendment, Wilders more or less recapitulated at the synagogue the same message that he presented at his earlier appearances. He tried to depict voluntary Sharia courts in the UK as a disturbing phenomenon even though similar voluntary Muslim and Jewish religious courts have already long existed in the USA.

Wilders claimed that because of the 54 million strong European Muslim population, "Europe is on a fast track to become Eurabia"
  • even though the total European population is approximately 731 million ,
  • even though most European Muslims are not Arabs and
  • even though almost half of European Muslims belong to indigenous European populations that converted to Islam during the Ottoman period.
The BBC gives the European Muslim population as approximately 21 million if the Turkish population is excluded as Wilders must have because the European Muslim population including Turkish Muslims is approximately 90 million.

The Dutch politician provided no evidence that a majority of European Muslims according to either calculation desired to turn any European nation or the European Union into a Sharia state.

Wilders repeatedly asserted that Europeans and Americans must go on the offensive to preserve the heritage of Jerusalem, Rome and Athens. He reminded the audience of the 1944 WW2 Battle of the Bulge when General McAuliffe replied to German demands for surrender with a message consisting of the single word nuts. [This English usages is probably a garbled borrowing from Polish or some other Slavic language. The Polish phrase nic nie czyni means nothing doing.]

Wilders told the audience that Americans and Europeans stand on the shoulders of giants and that they owe it to their children to fight for their civilization. He places the war against Israel into the context of a larger global war against the West.

Wilders argues that all Westerners must defend Israel.

After Wilders finished his talk, there was a brief question and answer period.

Question 1. Do ordinary Europeans oppose the trend to Eurabia? Are they being thwarted by their leaders?

Answer 1. There is a lack European leadership, and those in authority are acting like dhimmis. In some regards a conventional war would be preferable. The leaders sing kumbaya all day long.

Currently, Wilders' Party for Freedom (PVV)[1] has 9 seats in the Dutch Parliament, and current polls indicate that it may reach 25 seats after the next election.

Yet Amsterdam, Brussels and Berlin are changing. Anti-Semitism is growing with Islamicization. It is now 5 min to midnite.

Question 2. What can ordinary people do to influence the politicians?

Answer 2. The people must organize at the grass roots -- something that does not exist in Europe. To fight the censorship, they should help the Middle East Forum raise money for attorneys.

Question 3. [Charles Jacobs] Why is there an alliance between the Left and Islam? Why is the left supporting an ideology that will kill them?

Answer 3. The left invented the concept of multiculturalism and cultural relativism. The left created a demographic peril with the welfare state. Immigrants don't work, commit crimes, but get everything for free.

Question 4. How can young people help?

Answer 4. The schools must be forced to be sane. Schools are afraid to hold celebrations for Christmas and Hanukkah. They should teach the truth. Islam is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of hate. People want change.

Question 5. What do you say about Neo-Nazis who say the same things as you?

Answer 5. Going with extremists is wrong. Love for Israel separates the PVV from extreme right-wing haters. PVV won't work with Le Pen. The PVV supports Judeo-Christian civilization, and its supporters don't want to live in Morocco.

[Note the following articles from Haaretz: Let's hear it for the Haiders - Haaretz - Israel News, Belgian far right leader: I am one of Israel's staunchest ..., Le Pen will fight anti-Semitism, says his Jewish running mate ....]

After the answer to question 5, Rabbi Jonathan Hausman called the session to an end and told the audience that Michael Graham as well as Jeff Jacoby had already interviewed Wilders. The Graham radio interview was to be broadcast the next day, and Jacoby would shortly write an op-ed about Wilders.

As the audience rose to leave, I looked at the Dutch politician, who stood in front of the Aron haKodesh (Holy Ark containing Torah scrolls). I could not help glancing above the Aron to read the Hebrew phrase that means "Know Before Whom You Stand."

Wilders' whole lecture could have been summarized:

Die Muselmänner sind unser Unglück!

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