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Friday, July 24, 2009

Nazi-Zionist Friendship Commemorative Medal

Now that "Israeli embassies are being instructed to use for public relations purposes an infamous photograph of Adolf Hitler meeting a top Palestinian cleric," neglecting to point out Zionist-German-Nazi collaboration, alliance, and ideological congruence is practically criminal.

In 1933 German Nazis and Zionists began a collaboration that was mutually beneficial for the next five years. I discuss one of the initial reciprocal outreach efforts in Jewish Peril 1933 Versus 2009:

Because many German Nazis shared Churchill's opinion that Zionism provided a cure for Jewish anti-social behavior, the German Nazis fairly quickly reached out to Zionists in part to thwart threats of a boycott but also because of genuine belief that Zionists and German Nazis were on the same völkisch racist wavelength.
Nazi Journal Der Angriff struck the above medal to commemorate fact-finding trip to Palestine.

Even Zionists, who pretend to be moderate, want to reserve to Jews the right to make accusations of Nazism or Fascism. Thus, Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims can be demonized in the media as (Islamo-)Nazis or (Islamo-)Fascists in order to make sure that Jewish privilege can be preserved in Stolen and Occupied Palestine, but if anti-Zionists correctly respond with a counter-accusation characterizing Zionism as Jewish Nazism, Zionists and fellow travelers accuse them of prejudice or of anti-Semitism.

Determining whether Zionism is a form of Nazism is a straightforward exercise.

One simply compares the primary literature of Zionism and German Nazism.

The ideologies are practically identical with the obvious ethnic substitutions. In many regards, Zionism is far more extreme.

While Zionists have not yet managed the wholesale slaughter associated with German Nazism, they are certainly getting there and the rule of comparison is the following:

  1. Israeli Palestinians live under conditions like those of German Jews in 1935 or 1937.
  2. Jerusalem Palestinians live under conditions like those of German Jews in the first half of 1939.
  3. OT Palestinians live under conditions like those of Polish Jews during the German Nazi occupation but before the start of Operation Barbarossa, which was the invasion of Russia on June 22nd 1941.

The Zionist German Nazi ideological equivalence was obvious in the 1930s. Victor Klemperer wrote about it in his Tagebücher (Diaries). George Mosse even discussed it in lectures at Hebrew University.

Anti-Zionists and pro-Palestinians have to get over the reluctance to call Zionists Jewish Nazis because the identification is simply true, and the more Jews are willing to call Zionists Nazis, the more the US Israel Alliance can be undermined with the ultimate result of liberating Palestinians from Zionist oppression and of freeing the USA from Zionist subversion.

It is this simple. Jews who want to help Palestinians must openly declare Zionism to be Jewish Nazism.

[With a top legend of "Nazi-Zionist Friendship Medal" and a bottom legend of "Zionism = Jewish Nazism," the above image could be worked into a great T-shirt for all Jewish anti-Zionists to wear as a sort of uniform at pro-Palestinian rallies.]

While German Nazism is evil, German Nazis, who were never a majority of Germans, could try to justify extreme measures in that Germany had to deal with both

What did Palestinians ever do to German Jews and ethnic Ashkenazim? Absolutely nothing.

Thus, Zionism (ethnic Ashkenazi Nazism) is far more evil than German Nazism, and those of us that care about Palestinians, the USA, or the world must be explicit on this point.

Not only are Zionists Nazis, but they are even more effective, more sinister, more insidious Nazis — no ifs, ans, or buts.

Unlike Germans during the Nazi period, the majority of modern Jews sympathize with Zionism or identify as Zionists.

  • Because this total involvement may reach as high as 80% or more and
  • because Zionism is Jewish Nazism,

altogether at least 80% of world Jewry are either Nazis or Nazi sympathizers.

[Phil Weiss discusses the ongoing Zionist campaign to associate Palestinian resistance with German Nazsim in Lieberman uses Hitler against Palestinians. Why not against India?.]
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