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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Peninsulares versus Criollos

The Insignificance of Israeli Politics
by Joachim Martillo (

When I wrote the Israel Lobby and American Society, I started from the premise that Middle East Zionist Jewish political leaders have far less political consequence to the USA or to the world than the US Israel Lobby, which is the public face of the Zionist Virtual Colonial Motherland. The article Morris and Udi: A Story of Unrequited Love, How a Five Towns macher brought down the prime minister of Israel, from New York Magazine supports this contention.

The article calls Morris Talansky a macher, but he is more of a shlep and really low on the American Zionist foodchain. Paying off Olmert did not even merit a senior-level Jewish Zionist political economic oligarch. (When Talansky tried to talk with Sheldon Adelson on the telephone, Adelson just hung up.)

In a nutshell, here is the history and current situation of Jewish power.

While Jewish Bolsheviks mobilized the masses, Jewish Zionists mobilized the Jewish plutocracy of Western Europe and the USA.

Initially the Bolsheviks proved more successful, but the Zionists had more staying power.

As a result of Zionist origins, the genuine center of Zionist politics and mobilization is the USA where the Jabotinskian Jewish Zionist Neocon intelligentsia (.e.g. Douglas Feith, William Kristol, Daniel Pipes, or Paul Wolfowitz) often working in association with Jewish or non-Jewish Friedmanite Neoliberal associates like Dick Cheney mobilizes Jewish political economic oligarchs.

Thus, Jewish interlopers in stolen and occupied Palestine constitute a criollo population with no serious political influence in comparison with Jewish peninsulares in the USA. One could argue that in some sense the new Jewish Zionist empire is more "progressive" than the old Spanish empire because criollos were not even permitted local political authority in Spain's colonial holdings in Latin America.

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