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Friday, March 20, 2009

The Magnes Zionist: The Times on the Gaza War Crimes

Jeremy Haber has written an interesting blogentry on Israel's rampage in Gaza. His article is entitled The Times on the Gaza War Crimes. Haber includes a simple fable about Pete and Paul to explain the conflict over Palestine, but it is far too exculpatory of the Zionists.

In my version, Talat [Paul] is happily minding his own business on his own land in his own country.

Yosele is looking for work, Even [Pete] is poor (but a good deal richer than Talat), and Shmuel has more money than he can spend.

Yosele convinces Shmuel that Even's potential radicalism will endanger Shmuel's business ventures and ultimately Shmuel's life if Shmuel does not give Yosele a lot of money to send Even to Talat's country to steal Talat's land and even the shirt off Talat's back.

Panicked and seeing some new economic possibilities for investing in Talat's country (as long as Talat has been removed) Shmuel hands a pile of money over to Yosele.

Because Even has no desire whatsoever to relocate to Talat's country and would rather seek power at home by overthrowing the government, Yosele uses the money to build a movement among middle-class people in other countries to support Even in Talat's country even though Even never emigrated to Talat's country because Even was busy overthrowing his own local government and then committing mass murder, ethnic cleansing or genocide.

In reaction to Even's crimes, Even's neighbors become angry and scared not just of Even but also of Shmuel and all the supporters and potential supporters of Yosele's movement.

Even's neighbors decide to make themselves so strong that Even will not be able to threaten them.

In so doing, Even's neighbors frighten practically everyone else on the planet, but Yosele and his movement calculate that if Even, Even's neighbors and everyone else on the planet go to war, Shmuel, Yosele and Yosele's movement will profit immensely and still be able to send Even and Even's relatives to steal Talat's land and Talat's clothes.

The combination of Shmuel's wealth, Yosele's ideological justification, and the corrupt social networking of Yosele's movement pushes the world into a completely unnecessary war during which Even and practically his whole family are killed.

At the end of the war, Shmuel and Yosele are left with a wonderful organization for making money and for political manipulation, but Yosele's ideology makes even less sense than it did 40 years earlier.

Out of inertia and greed Shmuel, Yosele, and Yosele's movement, which altogether now constitute the Lobby, press on to send Even's distant cousin Piki to Talat's country to steal Talat's land and his clothes.

Ever since, Piki has been sitting on Talat in order to obliterate Talat's will to resist while the Lobby works hard to demonize Talat as well as Talat's family, friends and sympathizers in order to make sure that the countries manipulated by the Lobby to support Piki won't ever stop to debate the rationality of the policy of sending ever increasing amounts of money and weapons to Piki in the ongoing effort to crush Talat so that Piki can keep everything stolen from Talat.
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