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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Robert Lindsay: The Jews Under Stalin

Because the lachrymose pogrom and persecution version of Jewish history is usually extended to studies of Jews within the Soviet Union, I recommend The Jews Under Stalin by Robert Lindsay. While I do not agree with all his particulars, the subversion or intellectual domination of the Soviet Union by Jews was real and lasted in many ways until the collapse and persists in the economic sector in the Russian Federation to this very day.

Although Soviet Ashkenazi identity differed in many ways from contemporary Zionist Ashkenazi identify in the USA, the Soviet Jewish elite and the Zionist Jewish elite show many similarities, and there have been occasional (usually generational) crossovers. For example, Trotsky's grandchildren and great-grandchildren have become important in the occult mystical Zionist politics of the Occupied Territories while Alex Koifman and other former Russian Soviet Jews have taken leadership positions in the Boston-area organized Jewish community.

Lindsay should probably added some qualification and less support when he reported Yitzhak Shamir's opinion of Poles and the Soviet Union:
[Yitzhak] Shamir, former Prime Minister of Israel, was once asked whether the USSR was an anti-Semitic state. He replied that on the contrary, “The USSR was anti-anti-Semitic. It was the most anti-anti-Semitic state that has ever existed.” He also famously stated that the Poles, “Drank their anti-Semitism from the milk of their mother’s breasts,” in other words, it was an essential part of their culture. Both of Shamir’s statements are truer than either the anti-Semites or the SuperJews want to believe.
Ethnic Ashkenazim were native collaborators for the German Empire and Austria-Hungary and desperately wanted to be native collaborators for the Russians. Jewish attitudes in Occupied Poland simply did not endear Jews to ethnic Poles.

In addition, the collapse of Commonwealth Poland meant that ethnic Ashkenazi business practices had to become far more exploitive in order to maintain living standards.

Convincing themselves that ethnic Poles were rotten anti-Semitic people helped Ashkenazim justify negative Ashkenazi behavior toward ethnic Poles.

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