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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Whither After Goldstone?

Even if the Goldstone Report had no internal problems, pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel activists or lobbyists should demand much more so that it would represent the bare minimum of Zionism-critical discourse and not the maximum attainable.

I hope that the article below shows the value of bringing Holocaust and Nuremberg Tribunal awareness to the discussion of Israel-Palestine issues.

Goldstone's International Zionist Shyster Law

by Karin Friedemann and Joachim Martillo

The issue of setting a time and venue for official international discussion of the Goldstone Report has become a soap opera distracting from the real problems:

  • the inadequacy of the Report and
  • the futility of bringing the case to the International Criminal Court under Rome Statute Article 15 or other means.

Richard Goldstone's daughter Nicole told Israeli Army Radio (in Hebrew) that her father acting as head of the UN Fact Finding Commission on the Gaza Conflict had actually softened the accusations against Israel in the Report and had thus rendered it biased in favor of Israel.

Misapplying the Geneva Conventions to Hamas creates false moral equivalence between a militarily powerful internationally recognized but ethically odious state and a legitimate but extremely weak resistance organization.

The Report's fabrication of a fictional parity of power and obligation makes it possible for Western states to ignore Zionist crimes against humanity "because Hamas is no different or worse" whenever some shyster alleges Hamas committed an infraction by some arbitrary Zionist standard.

The Geneva Conventions apply to Israel because it is a state signatory.

Post-WW2 Nuremberg Law defined by thirty-nine bound volumes containing testimony, findings of fact and decisions of the Nuremberg Tribunal judges provides the appropriate legal framework for partisans and resistance organizations.

Nuremberg Law clearly criminalizes the territorial Judaization that Zionists have planned since the 19th century and that they have undertaken since the first war of Zionist aggression in 1947-8. The Nuremberg indictment of the Nationalist Socialist Government charges (International Military Tribunal, vol. 1, p. 63):

In certain occupied territories purportedly annexed to Germany the defendants methodically and pursuant to plan endeavored to assimilate these territories politically, culturally, socially, and economically into the German Reich. They endeavored to obliterate the former national character of these territories. In pursuance of their plans, the defendants forcibly deported inhabitants who were predominantly non-German and replaced them by thousands of German colonists.

Not only did this indictment apply to Eastern and Western European territories conquered and occupied in aggressive German warfare just as Israel captured the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem (Occupied Palestine) in 1967, but it also applied to territories like the Sudetenland allotted to the German Nazi regime under international agreement just as most of pre-1967 Israel (Stolen Palestine) was allocated to the Zionist regime under the 1947 UNGA Partition Proposal.

If State of Israel replaces Germany, Zionist State replaces German Reich, and Jewish replaces German, the Nuremberg accusation precisely describes Zionist goals from the start of the Zionist movement until the present day.

Until Israel negotiates an agreement with the resistance, all Jewish colonists today just like German colonists back then are according to Nuremberg Law legitimate targets for the resistance anywhere throughout all the occupied lands of Historical Palestine.

The Palestinian-Zionist conflict has been going on since before we were born. The UN essentially caused the conflict, has not solved it, and there is no evidence of any improvement during this time. Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting to get different results. Maybe Palestinians and their supporters should try something else besides asking the UN for help.

Why waste time with the ICC? The ICC has already been exposed and discredited as a pro-Zionist, corrupt entity since the indictment of Sudanese president al-Bashir.

Even if the Court were to rule against Israel despite Goldstone's manipulations as it did in the case of Israeli immurement of Palestinians by the Apartheid (Hebrew: Hafradah) Wall, the ICC does not possess the power to enforce its decisions.

Arabs seem so traumatized by perpetual injustice that they confuse ineffective posturing with effective legal tactics.

In the past Jewish Zionist US government officials have prevented or emasculated the application of the Arms Export Control Act to Israel.

Today Zionists in the Obama administration have worked hard to bury the Goldstone Report because it provides specific clear and convincing evidence under US Civil and Criminal Code that the IDF is a terrorist organization (e.g., paragraph 798).

With regard to the shooting of Muhammad Hekmat Abu Halima and Matar Abu Halima, the Mission notes that the Israeli soldiers had ordered the tractor on which they were transporting the wounded to stop and had ordered the two cousins (aged 16 and 17) to come down. They had complied with those instructions and were standing next to the tractor, when the Israeli soldiers standing on the roof of a nearby house opened fire on them. The soldiers cannot have been mistaken about the circumstance that these were two civilians taking gravely wounded persons to a hospital. The shooting of Muhammad Hekmat Abu Halima and Matar Abu Halima was a direct lethal attack on two under-age civilians. The fact that they were hit in the chest and the abdomen, respectively, indicates that the intention was to kill them.

[Note that the IDF terror attack on the Samouni family is even more horrendous, but the Report details (paragraphs 702-742) are too long to recount here.]

Even though Zionists have successfully stigmatized the One State Solution according to which Jews and Arabs share a country with equal rights, nobody except Zionists like Daniel Pipes seriously argues that Jewish and Arab Americans should receive unequal treatment under US law even if the DOJ is unconstitutionally or selectively targeting and prosecuting Muslim individuals and organizations.

Nevertheless Jews file terror victim lawsuits against Palestinian organizations; for example a US judge ordered the PLO to pay $116 million to a Jewish American family, but no one files civil complaints on behalf of non-Jewish American citizens, who like Rachel Corrie and Suraideh Gharbieh have been victims of clearly terrorist IDF attacks.

US anti-terrorism law is clear with regard to aiding and abetting, material aid, and conspiracy to aid terrorism. Practically all Israel advocates should be arrested forthwith, and their assets should also be seized. Such is the current US practice whenever Jewish Zionist groups or individuals accuse Arab or Muslim charities, other organizations or individuals of terrorist ties under flimsy, ridiculous or counterfactual evidence.

In the US legal and political process Jews are now privileged over non-Jews thanks to the efforts of the Israel Lobby, which is actively engaged in Conspiracy Against Rights (US Code Title18, 241). This situation threatens the foundation of the American system. Yet no one in the government or the media discusses the danger.

Because Stuart Levey as Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence clearly does not apply US law to American Jews in the same way that he applies it to American Muslims, he is preventing enforcement of US law in time of war with full force of his power as a Treasury official and should face immediate charges for Seditious Conspiracy (US Code Title 18, 2384).

Arab and Muslim American organizations employ lots of lawyers. Some of this legal staff should start filing US Criminal Complaint AO91 forms with US justice department officials in order to start the process whereby a US prosecutor brings charges against Levey and other Zionists violating US law or subverting the US government.

Arab and Muslim Americans are not full and equal citizens of the USA until they start acting like full and equal citizens.

[Note that even if the Israeli government never gave explicit orders that IDF soldiers should commit the atrocities described in the Report, Zionist leaders throughout Israel society have been setting the direction of IDF behavior for decades, and aggressive innovators in uniform naturally took the initiative.

The Origins of the Final Solution, The Evolution of Nazi Jewish Policy, September 1939 – March 1942, by Christopher Browning, Chapter 7 "Operation Barbarossa and the Onset of the Holocaust, June – December 1941," by Jürgen Matthäus describes similar innovation among the German soldiers and officials in the months preceding the decision to implement the Final Solution. In general Zionist historical developments parallel those of Nazi Germany but in slow motion with occasional bursts of German Nazi speed.

Claudia Koonz's The Nazi Conscience is particularly helpful for describing and explaining the mind set of Zionist colonizers and American Jewish Zionists.

The whole Zionist enterprise since the 1880s (and in many regards back to Moses Hess or even back to 1819 with the earliest conceptualization of the Jewish People in the Wissenschaft des Judentums) provides the perfect laboratory for the study and understanding of genocide.]

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