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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chabad (Lubavitch), Putin, Russian Oligarchs

Understanding Jewish Politics in Russia
by Joachim Martillo (

While ordinary Chabadniks often describe Vladimir Putin as an evil thug, the Chabad leadership basks in its relationship with him. This contradiction has complex roots.

In the beginning the mainstream Jewish community in post-Soviet Russia was dominated by the Russian Jewish Oligarchs, who are a sort of mutant spinoff of Friedmanite Neoliberals (a gross simplification) and who for the most part became enemies of the Putin's policy of bringing privatized former Soviet state corporations back under governmental control.

The National Council for Soviet Jews, which is hostile to Russia, is Neocon-dominated. The Neocons themselves have been working with American Neoliberals in an attempt to wrest the oil and natural gas resources of former Soviet territories from domination by the Russian federation.

While the Lubavitcher leadership shares with the Zionist intelligentsia the basic drive for status, power, and wealth, Lubavitcher politics is relatively simple-minded and involves generic anti-goyism in combination with a desire to bring as many Jews as possible closer to the Lubavitcher way of thinking.

Not only are the Lubavitchers far less threatening from the standpoint of Putin because they lack the Neocon-Zionist-Neoliberal dreams of economic and strategic domination, but Lubavitcher mythology even glorifies the decision of the Alter Rebbe (Shneur Zalman) to seek close relations with the Russian government by supporting the Czar over Napoleon. Because the anti-Putin oligarchs tried to wage a propaganda war against Putin by flinging accusations of anti-Semitism, Putin probably found the Lubavitchers useful as a sort of PR shield.

In order to assure the choice of Lubavitcher Berel Lazar as Russian Chief Rabbi, Putin worked closely with wealthy Russian Jewish baal tshuvah Lev Leviev and with the Putin-friendly Russian Jewish oligarch Roman Abramovich, who was close to Georgian Jewish Oligarch Badri Patarkatsishvili, who until his death led the opposition to the Neocon-supported Saakashvili regime in Georgia.

Ordinary Lubavitcher scorn for Putin and Russians in general is probably a consequence of traditional anti-goyish and anti-Russian attitudes of both American Jews and also Russian baalei tshuvah, who often believe falsely that anti-Semitism is built into Russian genes and that Russian Jewish history is a never ending tale of pogroms and persecutions that result from Russian anti-Semitic genetic programming.

Such beliefs are quite dangerous. Not only do they often morph into fanatic anti-Islamism and Muslim-baiting because Jews often fail to distinguish one group of gentiles from another (see list of Obsession-related blog entries at the end of this article), but Lubavitchers like many Jewish groups are totally convinced of their moral superiority to non-Jews and rarely feel any remorse or connection to anti-Gentile crimes that arise out of Jewish politics and business practices, whether exploitation so severe that Ukrainian peasantry had no recourse but rebellion or the mass murder, ethnic cleansing and genocide that have characterized both Soviet Ashkenazi and Zionist Ashkenazi politics.

This video includes excerpts from the speeches of Russian Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar, Attorney Alan Dershowitz, and footage of the legendary Chabad Lubavitch "Roll Call" at the 2006 International Conference of Shluchim.

Get the full video: The Banquet 5767-2006

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Anonymous said...

On a related note, this is a ten year old Chabad Lubavitch (Hasidic) text explaining the need to bring the world into wars for Jerusalem against the Palestinians and even against the former Soviet Union. The language is somewhat cryptic, for instance it never mentions Russia explicitly. Rather, it refers to as the "Communist bloc", even though it was penned a decade after the Soiviet Union had collapsed. These wars are needed according to Hasidic doctrine to make Jerusalem the capitol of the world so that Moschiach (the Jewish Messiah) can come and to enforce Halachic law over the world and and to convert gentiles into observing the Noahide laws. It also talks about the seizure of public assets in the USA to forego bankruptcy. The obvious comparison is the widespread privatization schemes that allowed western-backed oligarch-gangsters to seize Russia's wealth for pennies on the dollar (ruble?). It also speaks of mobilizing cells of gentile Noahide proselytes.

This is a fairly lengthy article so its worth beginning with the paragraph that reads:
The Final War for Jerusalem

Why Permanent Israeli Victory Is Now Within Reach

"Therein lies the key to reversing the "peace" process. The war, contrary to popular opinion, lies not in the land of Israel itself, but rather in the United States and other gentile nations. G-d is giving the Jewish people a tremendous opportunity to perform mitzvos and carry out a primary goal of Torah: To elevate and bring holiness into the gentiles, preparing them for the Messianic era when "on that day Hashem will be one and His name one"—meaning that all other religions will disappear, and the entire world will learn G-d's wisdom from the ingathered Jewish exiles in Israel, with Moshiach as the world's king."

Also, I wish to note that the Russian oligarchs were not entrepreneurs. They did not succeed because they could discern value where others couldn't or because or because they were brilliant innovators. They were gangsters in their early twenties wielding privately funded armies. Here is how James Petras describes them:

Global Ruling Class: Billionaires and How They ‘Made It’
Among the newest, youngest and fastest-growing group of billionaires, the Russian oligarchy stands out for its most rapacious beginnings. Over two-thirds (67%) of the current Russian billionaire oligarchs began their concentration of wealth in their mid to early twenties. During the infamous decade of the 1990’s under the quasi-dictatorial rule of Boris Yeltsin and his US-directed economic advisers, Anatoly Chubais and Yegor Gaidar the entire Russian economy was put up for sale for a ‘political price’, which was far below its real value. Without exception, the transfers of property were achieved through gangster tactics – assassinations, massive theft, and seizure of state resources, illicit stock manipulation and buyouts. The future billionaires stripped the Russian state of over a trillion dollars worth of factories, transport, oil, gas, iron, coal and other formerly state-owned resources.

Contrary to European and US publicists, on the Right and Left, very few of the top former Communist leaders are found among the current Russian billionaire oligarchy. Secondly, contrary to the spin-masters’ claims of ‘communist inefficiencies’, the former Soviet Union developed mines, factories, energy enterprises were profitable and competitive, before they were taken over by the new oligarchs. This is evident in the massive private wealth that was accumulated in less than a decade by these gangster-businessmen.

Virtually all the billionaires’ initial sources of wealth had nothing to do with building, innovating or developing new efficient enterprises. Wealth was not transferred to high Communist Party Commissars (lateral transfers) but was seized by armed private mafias run by recent university graduates who quickly capitalized on corrupting, intimidating or assassinating senior officials in the state and benefiting from Boris Yeltsin’s mindless contracting of ‘free market’ Western consultants.

Lastly, I want to reassure that the stuff about the oligarchs being secretly backed by western financial interests is not mere conspiracy tripe. Even the London Times identified Europe's Rothschild family as the secret controlling interest behind Yukos oil:

Rothschild is the new power behind Yukos

Keep up the good work Joachim.
Kind Regards,

Joachim Martillo said...

The blog entry diamond's are not this girl's best friend provides more information on Lev Leviev.

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