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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Jewish Axis of Evil: Clarion Fund and GOP

In this article, Richard Silverstein argues:
Clarion Fund is practically a bought and paid for arm of the Jewish wing of the Republican Party. Aish HaTorah, in turn, as Jeffrey Goldberg has noted, is practically an arm of the rightist settler movement. All this leads one to believe that a group of far-right Israeli-American Orthodox Jews have teemed up with Republicans in order to kill two birds with one stone. They can exploit fears of Muslims and Islam to drum up American Jewish support for a pro-settler/pro-Israel political agenda AND flay the Democrats, who allegedly are soft on terror, specifically Muslim terror.
Other available information suggests a more sinister hypothesis:
  • Aish has received considerable support from all Israeli governments since the 70s.
  • Wall Street executives have paid Aish private tutoring fees that are in the corporate espionage range.
  • Aish's national and international organization has the appearance of an intelligence gathering and exchange network particularly in the finance industry. (The system is rather like that of Chabad-Lubavitch only more targeted, and the personnel do not stand out quite as much as Chabad shiluchim.)
The religious outreach of Aish looks like cover for more nefarious and possibly illegal activities.

Calling Aish haTorah an arm of the right-wing settler movement does not really seem to capture the relationship, and suggests that the settler movement is more distinct from the Israeli government than it really is.

Aish and its Clarion Fund alter ego comprise part of the external apparatus of one political faction within the Zionist Virtual Colonial Motherland, which I often call Judonia. This faction inclines more to an occult mystical ideology but works well with Jabotinskian Neocon Zionists.

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