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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Blaming Jews for Financial Meltdown

Fraudsters on the Roof
by Joachim Martillo (

Dismissing the Jewish Zionist origins of the current financial meltdown is comparable to Holocaust denial or to claiming that the concept of Judeobolshevism is purely a Nazi or skinhead slur.

In the past most people assumed that only Nazis and anti-Semites would talk about Judeobolshevism. Then we got to look at Soviet archives with the fall of the Soviet Union, and Yale Jewish studies scholar Benjamin Harshav pointed out in Language in a Time of Revolution that there is a lot of truth in the idea of Judeobolshevism. Many if not most of today's experts in Russian and Soviet studies (like Yuri Slezkine) now agree with him. (Of course, a racist Jewish tribalist and propagandist like Richard Pipes, father of Daniel Pipes, is not among those experts.)

For several years, I looked at the history of the Long Depression, which started in 1873, and at the circumstances of the market crash that preceded it. While Jewish financial malfeasance was not a cause of the market crash or the depression, it was a definite component.

Jewish financial misbehavior, manipulation, fraud and embezzlement was so common at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century that Sholem Aleichem even wrote several short stories on the subject and was highly critical of Jewish behavior.

(In one Sholem Aleichem story the famous and beloved character Menahem Mendl is tricked into causing financial ruin to another famous beloved character Tevye the Milkman, who became the hero of the Broadway musical Fiddler on the Roof. It is really too bad that Sholem Aleichem isn't alive today to turn the Madoff Ponzi scam into a novella, which could then come to Broadway as Fraudster on the Roof.)

John Kenneth Galbraith in his book on the 1929 crash points out that Goldman Sachs triggered the stock market crash. As I remember, Goldman Sachs had no non-Jewish employees at the time and very much reflected the values and attitudes (as well as the financial skulduggery) of wealthy uptown Manhattan German American Jews ("Our Crowd").

During the 1920s and 30s when Jabotinski created the concept of the Iron Wall, he and colleague Achimeir developed an economic formalism for ethnonational financial warfare. When Begin became Israeli prime minister, Jabotinskian true-believers were put into positions where they could implement Jabotinski's ideas, and they did.

The history is complex and the Jabotinskians in the Israeli government did not start from scratch
  1. because previous Israeli governments had engaged in minor US market manipulation and
  2. because full-scale Zionist ethnonational warfare against the gentile world would not have been possible
  • without the unaccounted cash aid provided by the US under the Camp David Peace Agreement and
  • without the power and influence of Jewish political economic oligarchs in the USA.
You won't find important academic economists in agreement with me because most of them are Jewish Zionists, who will invariably sacrifice scholarship on the altar of Jewish tribalism.

Non-Jewish academic economists invariably remain silent on the issue because their Jewish colleagues subject them to a vicious regime of intimidation that makes the abuse of Norman Finkelstein, Joseph Massad, Nadia Abu el-Haj and Rashid Khalidi look like a testimonial celebration.

Such Jewish non-professional behavior is one of the reasons why purging Jewish Zionists (and non-Zionist Jewish bigots) from academia is so important.

(In contrast, former colleagues in private sector financial modeling have told me my analysis is persuasive, and we are all looking at how the financial models can best accommodate the economic effect of Jewish Zionist conspiracy and corruption.)

In my own experience, I left Jewish studies when I realized that obtaining an academic position was very difficult if one came to conclusions that displeased wealthy Jewish donors.

To be fair because they look at the primary materials every day, I find more occasional sparks of honesty among Jewish studies scholars (e.g., Benjamin Harshav above) than I find among Jewish academics in other fields. [Note that even anti-Zionist Jewish scholars often express beliefs and attitudes associated with Jewish bigotry or racial supremacism.]

In any case, if the US government does not address the root cause of the financial meltdown by
  • abolishing the State of Israel,
  • eradicating Zionism,
  • purging Zionists from positions of responsibility and influence, and
  • making a clawback of the wealth that Jewish Zionists (and non-Jewish collaborators or fellow travelers like Warren Buffet) have plundered or defrauded from the rest of us,
we can expect an increasing financial disaster far worse and far more enduring than either the Long or the Great Depression.
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