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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rich American Jews & Geert Wilders

In [de Volkskrant] Wilders gaat steeds een stapje verder, I mentioned that the prominence of van Agt and Gretta Duisenberg may have panicked rich American Jews about imminent loss of Dutch support for the Jewish state.

While some Zionists may see Wilders as the antidote to the European anti-Zionist threat, the hyperwealthy Zionist plutocrats may be funding Wilders for an even more basic reason.

The Netherlands is more invested in the USA than other European countries and has probably taken a proportionate hit from the US financial meltdown.

Supporting Wilders especially
in his demonization of European Muslims and Sharia might be a preventive measure to make sure that financial issues do not turn increasing Dutch criticism of Israel into a flood tide of hostility to Zionism.

Threading backward from the links in
Christopher Bollyn: The Zionist Gang That Bankrupted General Motors brings up articles describing all sorts of financial misbehavior often perpetrated by a lot of the people contributing to Wilders.

Despite Bollyn's assumptions I do not see any evidence of some sinister conspiracy linking 9/11 to the implosion at GM, but I do believe that Jewish social networks (or networks of trust in the older terminology) have been pushing total incompetence (and total rapaciousness) for a long time. In addition, I have difficulty describing Merkin as Madoff's partner in crime, for Madoff clearly realized that it was easier to loot the stupid rich like Merkin than to loot corporations as Merkin was forced to do because Merkin does not have a clue about running a corporation competently.

Members of Jewish networks of trust succeed not because they are good but because they cheat:

  1. Zionist Infestation Causes US Incompetence,
  2. Gladwell Supports Hegemonic Zionist Discourse,
  3. Jewish Social Networking Goes Supreme!, and
  4. Corrupt Jewish Social Networking Rules!
Zionist backers of Wilders are trying to distract the Dutch from demanding relief for the damage done to the Dutch economy by corrupt Jewish social networks.

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